On the fast track to 34ktpa lithium carbonate production with two highly complementary lithium brine projects across approximately 36,000 hectares on the Hombre Muerto salar in Argentina.

The Hombre Muerto and Atacama salars host the world’s largest reserves of lithium, delivering 60% of current global annual production.

Galan Lithium Limited owns, through its wholly owned Argentinian subsidiaries (Galan Litio S.A. and Galan Exploraciones S.A.), a 100% interest in multiple lithium brine projects located within the Hombre Muerto salar.

Project areas are:


The Hombre Muerto Salar is a dry salt flat (salar) located in the Andes in the desert plateau of Puna de Catamarca. Near the northern and western limits of the Argentinian provinces of Catamarca and Salta, Galan’s operations are nearly 4000 m above sea level. They comprise two primary projects, Hombre Muerto West, on the western edge of the salar and Candelas to the southeast.

The local geology provides a rich setting for lithium brine development. Enrichment of the groundwater in lithium is related to the local volcanic activity and the potential interaction with the Andean fault and fracture networks. Brines have accumulated within the closed basin sediments and surrounding rocks for thousands of years. These high-grade brines’ final enrichment and production are related to the region’s arid climate and evaporite mineral formation on the salt flat.