In December 2019, the Company commenced another drilling campaign on its Western Basin tenements (Rana de Sal and Pata Pila) in the Hombre Muerto salar. The Rana de Sal and Pata Pila licences both cover large alluvial fans lying adjacent to Livent Corporation’s (NYSE: LVHM) tenure, covering the western margin of the Hombre Muerto salar.

At Rana de Sal, a 72-hour air lift test sample returned 1,010 mg/l Li over a >330m interval confirming outstanding grade average for drillhole RS-01-19. The results are the highest lithium grade reported by Galan on any drill hole at Hombre Muerto.

At Pata Pila, a 72 hour air lift test sample returned 946 mg/l Li over a >670m interval confirming exceptional grade average for drillhole PP-01-19. The Mg/Li averages of 1.49 are the lowest levels of impurity to date reported by Galan on a drill hole at Hombre Muerto.

Hombre Muerto West (HMW) :a ∼14km by 1-5km wide of the west coast of Hombre Muerto salar neighbouring Livent Corp to the east.  HMW is currently comprised of four concessions and an additional two concessions under an option agreement from Portofino Resources Inc (TSX-V). Geophysics and drilling at HMW demonstrates a significant potential of a deep basin.  In March 2020, a maidne resource estimate delivered 1.1 Mt of LCE for two of the largest concessions (pata Pila and Rana de Sal), In June 2020, the resource was upgraded to 1.4Mt of LCE (Indicated) with exploration upside remaining for other concessions in the area.

Map of Hombre Muerto West with Galan’s concessions (black) Deceo lll location (blue) plus location of drill hole at Pata Pila (PP-01-19). Portofino’s concessions Del Condor and Pucara del Salar (red)